Acton of the Rubies is a non profit learner driven community providing learning resources to homeschooling families in Elko County

At Acton of the Rubies, our Learner Driven Community puts children at the center of their learning, allowing them to create and maintain personal goals and relational covenants where "Learning to Do" and "Learning to Be" are even more important than "Learning to Know".

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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide each child to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can find a calling and change the world.

We strive to enrich and enhance the learning experience for homeschooling families.

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Why we're starting an Acton

A letter from Angie Heguy, Parent and Founder of Acton of the Rubies.

Truly, there are a hundred reasons why I chose Acton (and Acton chose me), but the main reason my family and I are bringing Acton to Elko is simple: the world needs more entrepreneurs, independent thinkers and leaders. Acton Academy is a quickly growing network of learner driven communities throughout the world. We believe it is the most integral, innovative and enriching program out there. It provides the right setting for a child to explore the world with his or her own unique talents while also providing a space to advance their knowledge, gain insights into life’s tough questions and learn practical skills to help them thrive in today’s world.

Further, we believe in the ultimate importance of the family and the fundamental role the family plays in the hero's journey. My husband, Joe, and I are both fourth generation Elko County entrepreneurs. We currently live on Joe's family ranch west of Elko, where we raise beef, horses and our two children. It's through my many years of growing up in and around family businesses that I have become the entrepreneur I am today. My family and I are thrilled to be a part of the revolution! With Acton of the Rubies, Elko's youth will have the opportunity to truly embark upon their own hero's journey.

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